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  • There are two types of secondary schools in the United Kingdom.
  • After a scholar graduates from high school, they will then go on to school, college, military, or enter the workforce.
  • In common, Western European nations continue to dominate, with Italy, Spain, France, and Germany being the other high destinations.
  • A PhD is normally required to be a professor or other educational place, although in some disciplines, a master’s stage diploma suffices, particularly if it is considered the terminal diploma in the field.

Beyond that, national governments could connect the label of secondary education to Levels 2 through four collectively, Levels 2 and 3 collectively, or Level 2 alone. These level definitions were put together for statistical purposes, and to allow the gathering of comparative data nationally and internationally. They have been permitted by the UNESCO General Conference at its 29th session in November 1997. Though they might be dated, they do present a universal set of definitions and remain unchanged in the 2011 update. M.A.T. degrees lead to initial certification in specific subject areas and grade ranges. degrees are designed for training teachers who need advanced preparation in their field.