California Division Of Education

Typically, a local school board, normally composed of elected members , governs and makes insurance policies for the school district. The government head of the varsity district, in charge of day-to-day operations, is usually known as the superintendent and is usually appointed by the native school board. In some circumstances, there may be a superintendent at the county level in control of overseeing all school districts inside the county.

After Indonesia declared its independence in 1945, the surviving education system was fragile and unorganized. In addition there was a scarcity of lecturers, as most of them had been Dutch or Japanese. In 1870, with the expansion of Dutch Ethical Policy formulated by Conrad Theodor van Deventer, some of these Dutch-based faculties opened the doorways for pribumi (lit. native Indonesians). They have been referred to as Sekolah Rakjat (lit. folk school), the embryo of what is called Sekolah Dasar (lit. elementary school) at present. 300,000 guilders in 1864 to roughly 3 million guilders by the early 1890s.